Tōtara Health

Everyone deserves access to a healthcare provider that meets their needs, and who listens and responds as these change. FOLKL worked with Tōtara Health to understand their patients’ perspectives, so they could be centred within the organisation. Working alongside and learning from Tōtara Health’s team of kaiāwhina, a combined project team undertook in-depth interviews and focused surveys to uncover and understand what healthcare meant to patients and staff.

The resulting insights have helped to improve Tōtara Health’s systems, redefining the organisation as a modern, whānau-centric healthcare provider. FOLKL continues to facilitate an ongoing ‘feedback loop’ of communication between patients and the organisation to ensure patients’ voices remain at the centre of new developments.

Environment Canterbury

A haven for nature lovers, sport enthusiasts and many in-between, parks are incredibly valued by their communities, providing a chance to access peaceful, open spaces amid city life. We worked with Environment Canterbury to understand the views and needs of park-users visiting the areas around the Waimakariri and Ashley Rivers. We gained a sound understanding of who these visitors were, how often they visited certain parks, the activities they pursued, and how they felt about their experiences.

Incorporating the voices of park users through interviews and surveys alongside detailed traffic counts and heat mapping, we could present a clear picture of what is most appreciated about these areas and show where resources could be focused to improve people’s experiences. With comparisons carried out over both summer and winter, this in-depth information will help to embed the perspectives of park users into any considerations around the future of these parks.

Potatoes New Zealand

Potatoes are embedded within New Zealand’s culture. Roast potato recipes are passed through generations and the quality of a hot chip has the potential to define a fish and chip shop’s reputation. FOLKL worked with Potatoes New Zealand on an innovative research project which captured detailed insights into the many ways people select, cook, and value potatoes. This helped to inform the industry’s marketing direction.

In-depth interviews gave people the opportunity to share the care and passion they have for the humble spud. The project uncovered fascinating details and trends around how they fit into different kitchens, freezers and lives. This research helped Potatoes New Zealand to make strategic marketing decisions, and pass information on to their growers, knowing that the findings were backed up by robust methods.

Hawke's Bay Tourism

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, FOLKL developed a timely and flexible research approach that helped Hawke’s Bay Tourism understand and meet the shifting needs of its membership base. This included a rolling survey that generated an evolving understanding of how rapid economic changes were affecting businesses.

By tracking how businesses were adapting and identifying gaps, Hawke’s Bay Tourism could proactively respond to members’ challenges in real time. This meant that businesses were well supported throughout the uncertainty of the pandemic, and Hawke’s Bay Tourism continues to use this unique model to effectively engage with its members.

Napier City Council

FOLKL worked with Napier City Council to provide an unprecedented understanding of how changes to infrastructure were perceived and utilised by the public. Detailed interviews and traffic mapping were used to understand their impact, allowing their success to be accurately determined against the Council’s goals of increasing the city’s vibrancy and connectivity.

As Councils must work in a highly transparent, inclusive and an effective way, this project involved a thorough consultation process that increased public satisfaction. The findings have informed future changes, including traffic calming measures.

Flaxmere Skatepark

FOLKL worked with local students, caregivers, experienced skaters and Hastings District Council to understand how to make Flaxmere’s new skatepark a fun, vibrant, safe and community-oriented space. 

An enthusiastic group of students from local schools joined us for a workshop to share their design ideas, and we also heard from the wider community through a survey. Local skaters were interviewed, and we spent time learning what works well at other nearby parks. 

Alongside the wider findings, students presented their vision to the Council’s parks team, the skate park designer, and a Flaxmere Councillor. The passion and knowledge that was shared throughout the project shaped a strong vision for an inclusive and well-loved park, which is due to be completed this summer.

twenty-seven names

twenty-seven names, a highly ethical, New Zealand made clothing brand needed an equally sustainable way to maximise online sales. FOLKL’s Social Studies arm used mixed methodology research to inform the business strategy. This style took a nonconventional, cost effective and highly targeted approach to marketing by analysing and then enriching their existing database. The method focused on in-depth interviews and digital ethnography which looked at values, attitudes and interests to understand twenty-seven names’ customers.A highly targeted media strategy was produced which saw asubstantial 30% increase in online sales.

Museums Aotearoa

Museums Aotearoa is a membership organisation that represents and advocates for galleries, libraries, museums and archives throughout the country. FOLKL worked with Museums Aotearoa on a two-phase research project to understand how they could best support the needs of the current membership base, as well as the value these spaces provide to their communities.

The findings from this research have allowed Museums Aotearoa to prioritise key areas of advocacy and begin rolling out initiatives to support and connect with members. The findings have been presented to leaders within the sector, sparking discussion around how these unique organisations can work more cohesively towards shared values and goals. Thank you to those who took part.

The reports can be found by clicking here.

Wellington City Council

As changes are made to make roads and public spaces more accessible for all users, it’s important to be able to deeply understand their impact. 

Wellington City Council is utilising FOLKL Vision to see how people’s behaviour will be affected by the introduction of two transitional cycle lanes (Newtown to City, and Botanic Garden ki Paekākā to City). The report below shows the range of data that can be collected and analysed to help make decisions and measure effectiveness with robust evidence.

The first benchmarking report can be found by clicking here.