Henry is co-founder and research director at FOLKL. Henry is an internationally recognised and awarded researcher with experience in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Greece. His expertise are in research design, qualitative methods, and decolonising methodologies. Henry is currently studying toward a PhD in Data, Networks and Society.


Pip is a strategic research planner at FOLKL. She has a background in resource management, reserves and community planning. Her experience and areas of interest include engagement, qualitative and quantitative research and analysis along with strategic planning, community development, environmental management and food systems planning.


India supports the team on various aspects of the research process, from design through to fieldwork, analysis and report writing. India has an Honours degree in Sociology and a background in journalism and communications.


Bradley is FOLKL's operations director. He has a diverse background and experience that includes qualitative research work in the North American market for private sector clients. Bradley is experienced in physical and digital product development, banking and financial markets, and small business management.


Will is co-founder and managing director at FOLKL. Will is a lateral thinker with a double degree in Sociology, Media, Marketing and Film. His experience as an award winning digital strategist and researcher sees his expertise lie in qualitative research, quantitative analysis, digital strategy and communication.